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The saying “Stop and Smell the Roses” is a favorite of mine.  I have now found a new saying “Love Your Basil”.  My Basil Herb Garden has not only been relaxing, but has brought me so much pleasure that I decided to blog about growing basil, all the different varieties of basil, and creating recipes for all the different varieties of basil.

David and I live in out in West Texas, by a spring fed creek and I want to show off our little piece of paradise and introduce you to my small zoo.  Once you get to know me, you’ll see why I want to stay at home, grow basil, create tasty recipes, and play with all my little babies.

I started my basil garden outside under the pecan trees, but didn’t want to lose any of them in the winter.  This is when David decided to build me a greenhouse.  Most of the materials used to build my greenhouse are recycled. The windows came from some folks remodeling an old house.  My work benches were bought from Habitat for Humanity at their overstock sale.  The shutters were damaged at Lowe’s, and several of the pots, I designed when we sold Vietnamese Pottery.  I’ve already nearly outgrown the new greenhouse with my small collection of 20 different varieties of Basil.  I want to see how many of the 100 different varieties of basil I can collect.  I am also hunting for the mysterious Chocolate Basil.  I will find it, but if you have a source, please share.  I have to have one!

To read more about me and my Lifetime Journey from Saigon to Texas, please visit my blog Ramona’s Basil Garden.

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